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Flower Girl Dresses For 3 Year Olds

Your little girl deserves to wear a dress she enjoys, whether taking pictures or scattering petals down the aisle. Explore the possibilities of a fit online to avoid tantrums at the big day.

Although the norm is that a dress for the flower girl should look like the bride's wedding dress but it doesn't have to. Choose a unique dress to fit your wedding theme and your baby's character.

Tea Length

A tea-length dress for a flower girl will look great on any little girl who is walking down the aisle. According to the definition, a tea-length dress has a hemline that sits above the ankle and below the knees, though modern dresses typically sit 3-4 inches above the ankle and at the mid-calf. The hemline is somewhere between an evening gown that is full length and a shorter miniskirt. It's perfect for brides who want to gift their flower girl something more formal than a simple minidress, but not too long as a traditional bridal gown.

This smocked floral dress is available in sizes suitable for toddlers, infants, and kids. The delicate floral designs and delicate embroidery on the bodice give an romantic touch to this classic design and the twirl-worthy skirt is crafted of layers of fluffy tulle to create a soft and romantic look. The tie-belt made of satin is removable for a re-usable style that can be easily coupled with her favorite pair of shoes.

Consider this floral-lace dress to get a more whimsical look. This tea-length gown is perfect for any spring or summer wedding and offers a variety of colors to fit the theme of your wedding. This dress will make your flower girl dress age 10 girl smile with its floral and smocked embroidered bodice. The sheer skirt of tulle has plenty of volume and offers plenty of dancing.

The tea-length floral smocked dress is available in over 10 colors and allows your flower girl to be matched with the rest of your bridal wedding party. This dress is ideal for any event that is warm in the summer, and the cotton blend keeps your flower girl comfortable.

There is no proof to show that tea-length dresses make a person look shorter. However they are commonly believed to create the illusion of longer limbs by elongating torso. If you're concerned about your flower girl looking too short in her dress, pairing her with heels that are similar to her body can help eliminate this issue.

Floor Length

The flower girl is usually the smallest member of a bridal celebration. The adorable little girl usually wears a white or ivory dress to scatter flowers when the bride walks down the aisle. Although some couples choose to have their flower girls match the color of the bridal gown, this isn't an absolute rule that must be adhered to by every bride. The dress of the flower girl's bridesmaid will be determined by the flowers, the venue and overall design.

dark green flower girl dress girls are usually between the age of six and seven years. Tea-length dresses, like this one from David's Bridal are ideal for young flower girls as they decrease tripping hazards and are easier for small ones to walk around in than floor-length gowns. This dress also has sleeves that are sleeveless, which allows for ample movement while being elegant and stylish.

Flower girl dresses can be adorned with lace and other embellishments to make them look more elegant for your wedding. There are also styles with glitter, 3D flowers, feathers and more on Princessly. You can also browse dresses by color to find the perfect color for your wedding. While white and ivory may be the classic options You can pick from a range of shades to make the dress of your flower girl stand out or complement the color scheme of the bridal party.

Think about this soft pastel pink flower girl dress for your spring wedding. The floral accents and tulle skirt remind of a gorgeous springtime bouquet. The dress is available in a broad size range to accommodate growing children and is fully lined for a comfortable fit.

This floral print dress will make your flower girl shine. The sleeveless design and floral appliques add a touch of fun to your special day. The dress is available in a range of striking colors that will suit any theme.

Before you go flower girl shopping, show her possible options online to get an idea of what she could like to wear for your special day. This will save time in the store and prevent tantrums while trying on a dress. This is a great method to ensure she gets a dress that she will enjoy.


The flower girl is one of the most important roles of the wedding. So, they deserve an outfit that is not only adorable but also comfortable and age-appropriate. Flower girls can be anywhere between three and eight years young, which is why it's vital to pick a dress that is appropriate to their age. This will lessen the risk of her ripping her dress halfway down the aisle, or experiencing a meltdown in the middle of the ceremony.

While some brides prefer to match the flower girl's dress to the bridal party, some prefer a more neutral look. Lace is a gorgeous option for your little one's dress. Whether you opt for a tea-length dress with sleeves of lace or a floor length gown, it's sure to captivate the heart of the special someone in your life.

Tea-length dresses are a fantastic option for preschoolers and toddlers because they decrease the chance of falling hazards. The dresses look gorgeous on this girl, with a ruffled hem, 3D flowers and a satin belt. This dress features an embroidered tulle skirt and embroidered flowers and is a more modern choice. It's sure to make her feel like a princess on the big day.

Choose a floor-length gown with intricate lace designs If you want your child to look classy on her wedding day. This dress will give your flower girl dress blue (home-page) girl a princess appearance however, with the comfort of a stretchy cotton material. Additionally, it's ideal for summer weddings because of the lightweight and airy fabric.

The majority of brides opt for white dresses for their flower girls. However there are many an ethereal blue on Etsy that will satisfy your "something-tiffany blue flower girl dresses". Other brides will add a color-coordinated sash to the floral girls' outfits. This is an excellent way to coordinate your wedding colors and make the flower girls' outfits memorable. It's also an excellent idea to show your flower girls the possible alternatives online prior to heading to the store to know the styles they like. This will help you save time at the store and ensure your flower girls are content on the day of their wedding with their wedding attire.


Tulle fabric gives a soft, delicate look that is ideal for flower girl dresses. It is also very versatile and can be used to create a variety fashion styles. It's also extremely durable and comfortable, making it ideal for flower girl dress blue kids. It's important to note that tulle is not easy to stitch, so you'll need to make sure you make use of a high-quality sewing machine and reduce your stitch speed. It is also recommended to change the needle to the jersey or ballpoint needle and use straight stitch.

There are many different types of tulle fabrics, such as nylon, cotton, polyester and French illusion tulle. French illusion tulle is the best quality and most expensive tulle, while polyester and nylon are cheaper but still very robust. Some tulle fabrics have the elastane and spandex blend that makes them more flexible and stretchy.

Think about the personality and style of your child when picking a tulle skirt. If she's a tomboy you may prefer a shorter gown made of tulle and a less formal color scheme. If she's more feminine, then you might want to opt for Flower girl dress blue a longer skirt with an embellished bodice.

When choosing a dress for the flower girl you must also think about the colors and theme of your wedding. Some couples attempt to match the flower girl's dress to the bridal party's, but this isn't always necessary. Many couples prefer that the flower girl's dress is unique to the child.

If you're in search of a gorgeous flower girl dress for your child, look no further than Princessly for a wide collection. They have a broad range of choices, from basic tulle dresses to elaborate gowns with 3D flowers and feathers. The filters available on the site help narrow your search down by the style, price and size. You can filter your search by color or fabric to find what you are searching for. You can also find a number of different accessories to complement your chosen dress, like lace appliques and glitter.


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